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When the chew hits your vibe, that's a-MORE-eh!


Less is more? Nah. More is more.


More is more

Edi’s makes edibles fun again! We’ve taken Foray’s high quality soft chews and chocolates and turned them snackable. Edi’s is all about more: more pieces, more taste, more flavour, and more enjoyment. 



No more one and done

No one wants to bite off half a soft chew and then put it back in the bag to save for later. Edi's is anything but stale. You won’t want to stop at just one, and now you don’t have to.


Take the "blah" out of edi-blahs

Eating candy should be a treat. So why are cannabis edibles so boring? Edi's offers high quality confections – first-rate, flavourful and, most importantly, fun!


Dial in your dose

Boss up with Edi’s. We take the guesswork out of dosage. Each piece’s lower potency allows you to curate a personal and pleasurable experience.


Edi's Goes to the Movies

Sit back with a pack of Edi's and watch our nostalgic introductory campaign featured in VIP Cineplex theatres across Canada this fall.


Edi’s edibles come in large packs. Same potency per pack, but more to love.

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