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Fast Onset

Sativa Dominant

Hawaiian Dream 1:2 510 Thread Cartridge

With intense tropical and citrus notes, Hawaiian Dream 1:2 (THC:CBD) will have you reflecting on lazy beach days. Made with only two ingredients, high-quality cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes, this CBD forward strain packs 51 per cent CBD and 27 per cent THC. Designed for the curious, Foray looks to both celebrate and simplify one's foray into cannabis. More than a trusted cannabis provider, we aim to be a partner, a guide and a facilitator of one's desired experiences, providing Canadians with the educational resources and network of support they need to gain familiarity with, and confidence using, a diverse range of easy-to-use cannabis products. Compatible with 510 thread devices


270 mg/g


510 mg/g

Available In

0.5g Cartridge

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